Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do You Stand Out in Social Media?

Do you sometimes get the feeling you're being overloaded bigtime with all of the social media that's popped up in the past year or so? We're swamped with facebook, myspace, twitter, trulia, zillow, blogging, following, tweeting, etc. and more! Guess what? Live with it.

Social Media is the 'new thing' and it's a great way for Realtors to keep in touch with clients, prospects and other agents. It's a way for people that don't know you to 'get to know you' and how you work, maybe a little about your personality, how real you are. Often times we get so caught up in our oh-so difficult workdays that we forget the human side of our business. It's nice to show our clients that we're human, too, and they can see this and keep touch via social media without even trying.

If you haven't signed up for blogging and tweeting and facing, it's time to do so. The agents with the most PUSH penetration into their local markets are the agents that will dominate and stand out. Today, you have to be everywhere at once. It's not enough to work a neighborhood. We have to go outside of our comfort zones and access social media for our benefit! We need to pick up that lead from the midwest and sell them an investment property sight-unseen. It's being done everyday, but are YOU doing it?